About Me

Cale Slack is an accomplished South Dakota dentist known for his professional and athletic accomplishments.

Slack began his higher education career at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. The school is known for offering a well-rounded liberal arts education, allowing students to gain knowledge in their areas of focus and language, art, literature, and more.

While most students take at least four years to graduate from the University of South Dakota, Slack fast-tracked his education, graduating in just three years. Colleagues agree that Slack's motivation and quick learning skills contributed to his ability to finish his degree quickly.

While at the University of South Dakota, Slack stunned crowds as a pole vaulter. During his time on the track team, Slack won a southeast district meet, where he went up against top pole vaulters from South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska. Slack brings excellence to all aspects of his life, both recreational and professional, and this was clear to those who watched him excel on the track.

He was motivated to complete his undergraduate degree to move on to dental school and study his true passion. For years, Slack knew that he wanted to become a general dentist and looked forward to the opportunity to begin the studies that would allow him to begin his professional career. He also graduated from his dental program at Marquette University School of Dentistry.

Slack is a member of the American Dental Association, recognizing those who have completed their dental career. The ADA doesn't just work to help dentists stay on top of the latest research in dentistry, allowing them to provide top-notch care to their patients. Members also work with the organization to help move public health forward, discussing and solving issues, including increased public access to dental care.

Membership in the American Dental Association signifies a commitment to excellence. The organization accepts dental students and practicing dentists, creating an exciting mix of professionals who understand long-standing best practices and new dentistry methods based on the latest research.

The ADA's core values help dentists maintain best practices for their patients, utilizing a high standard of integrity to ensure a high standard of care. The organization also utilizes information from dentists like Slack to understand the latest trends in the industry, allowing professionals to create thriving practices. As the world's oldest and largest dental association, the ADA promotes oral health to the public and works to help dentists get the information they need to help their patients achieve a lasting, healthy smiles.

In addition to an outstanding education and athletic career, Slack loves to spend his free time outdoors as an avid hunter and fisherman, especially after a long day in the office. When he's not spending time on the open water catching fish, Slack loves to take out his bow to hunt big game, including deer. In addition to his skills as a bow hunter, Slack also enjoys rifle hunting for minor games, including pheasant and quail.


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